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Five Petal Designs - Excited to learn

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Hello! I've just joined the forum today and can see I have a lot of great opportunities to learn the process of creating quality t-shirts. I worked for a t-shirt company one summer during my college days and loved it. We used screen printing and heat transfers at that store. Now after some time has passed - I am excited to begin my own journey in this industry. I have a lot to learn but I'm always open to help others so I will if I can.
Five Petal Designs, LLC
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Welcome Andrea!

I imagine you have already found Thinc Actionwear? Our (one and only) local supplier of garments. Great prices and decent selection of Next Level Apparel. Still, I sometimes find myself having to order things from out of state and facing order minimums or shipping ... such is life outside the orbit of LA.

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