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First time selling event

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I am selling at an event of 130 vendors its at a community collage to help raise money for the cheerleaders to go to compition. I was gonna sell cheer shirts for kids an adults. Wondering how everyone thinks that will do . This is my first event
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How many other shirt vendors selling cheer will there be?
I dont think any i had to tell them what i sell so they didnt have duplicate vendors
Confirm it. 130 is a lot of vendors. Just because you confirmed what you're selling doesn't mean you have an exclusive. I can't imagine you would be the only shirt seller.

If you are, and since this is such a targeted market, it shouldn't be unreasonable to assume you'll sell to 5% of the attendees.
I confirmed i was the only one selling cheer tshirts . Hopefully it works lol
Are you able to print shirts with the event logo? If you can I would think that would also be a good seller for you. Either way - Best of Luck to you!!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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