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First things first

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(if i want to sell shirts with my design) what should i do first? and next?

* look for shirts
* compute for the selling price
* look for printing companies/groups
* make design

what should comes first?

are there any basic/important thing i forgot? please help
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I would do the following:

1. Scout the market
2. They have what I want to sell?
- I assume you already have what you want to sell?
3. If so, what is the need for what I want to sell?
4. If tons, then lets go!
5. Search for the distributor with good reputation (Alpha co. is a professional one)
- Price your products accordingly
6. Good printing company
- Price your products accordingly
7. MOST IMPORTANTLY--> Advertise your product well!!

Lastly, lots of money does help:)

-- Olde Lady
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thank you so much mam, i'l take note of this. this means a lot of help to us. when will the designing come?
I would put the design or at least your concept(if you have one) top on your priority list. Or maybe define your target market first and contemplate on how to tap it. Both are inter-related and a study of the market, and your ability to fill that market, should dictate your pricing.
Consider this very important: "Know your competition"
I would put the design or at least your concept(if you have one) top on your priority list. Or maybe define your target market first and contemplate on how to tap it. Both are inter-related and a study of the market, and your ability to fill that market, should dictate your pricing.
Very well said.
Good pm mga sir.. balak ko po sana mag tatak ulit, dati po gamit ko is cut out lang para sa pattern tapos mga textile galing sa national bookstore.. ngayon pala meron nang mga photo emulsion etc. which is mas ok.. ano2 po ba ang iba pang materials na kelngan bilhin para makapagstart ulit.. as a hobby pero try ko din mag market.. rubberized na paint po ba yung sinasabi na opaque white tapos hahaluan ng pigment pati wet look.. TIA
Cutout and hobby din sa akin dati.

Eto mga kailangan mo

Photo emulsion instead of stencil.
Scoop coater instead of thinner
Exposure unit or ilaw instead of blade

Hanapin mo sa youtube at madaming videos iyan tungkol sa photo emulsion at exposure na tutorial ang presentation. Pero simply, ilagay mo ang emulsion sa coater at i-coat ang screen. Patuyin ang screen. Print mo image sa papel o acetate, ipatong sa screen, at expose sa exposure unit na kadalasan halogen lamp o fluorescent.

Sa inks naman, usually hinahaluan ang wetlook at opaque base + pigment. Search mo ink mixture na thread.
Salamat sa mabilis na pag sagot sir Angel.. puwede po ba pa-post or pm mga prices ng pintura ngayon.. guesstimate ba.. hehe balak ko kasi mag divi ngayong weekdays.. para may idea magkano dadalhin kong pera.. print ko siguro mga basic colors lang and 2 colors muna.. hehe TIA
Depende kasi kung anong klase o series at sa brand. For example, sa pioneer o bethaphil, although di ko matandaan exact prices may mga 130 (yata sila na opaque and wetlook) at may 150, 180 and 300/kg. All prices are for example lang to show that prices varies. Matagal na kasi ako naginquire sa kanila.

Contact mo mga suppliers dito sa http://www.t-shirtforums.com/asia/t107277-4.html para mabigyan kayo ng tamang pricing. Virgo at Tulco waterbase gamit ko ngayon at OK naman sila (plus yung pang automatic press sa ibang supplier). PM mo din si sir bebo sa waterbased at makakapagbigay sa iyo ng magandang advice. May detreactor kasi ako dito na madalas kumokontra at malilito ka lang kung sumingit sa usapan.
@angel, detractor po siguro hindi detreactor..typo error ka siguro..^_^

@looweeh, e2 pricelist ng isang supplier check mo na lang din para magkaidea ka sa price level ng bawat inks..


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Salamat Sir Chard.. parehas lang pala yung price sa national bookstore.. meron ako nakitang inks kanina jj virgo ang nakalagay meron ding G lang ang brand.. rubberized type po pala to.. kelangan pa ba haluan to ng wet look at white opaque? meron din po palang PE yung kulay pink na may orange powder na sachet.. maganda po kaya to at matagal mag expire?
sir mahirap po magjudge kung base lang po sa color ng emulsion as different brands have different colors and meron pa ngang same emulsion pero magkaiba ng kulay like yung ginagamit ko from multirpint..maganda sir kung masabi mo kung anong brand para makapagfeedback yung mga taong nakagamit na nyan..
hehe hindi ko makita brand name niya.. tinignan ko lang price para magka idea ako.. tignan ko nalang ulit sir bukas hehehe..
In this forum, you are only allowed to write in English language!!

-- Olde Lady
What competition?

They are new and the only competitor here is themselves!

Let them earn it and then they can join the circle. Just speaking from experience!!

If you are still surviving in the business for at least 3 years, then you are there for the long haul. Start out small, save money and plan it big later. Money is not everything, but it sure an help you get to where you want in life. More money in the account also can help you look better with the bank when you try to get a loan to expand your business. This is a big problem for many newcomers because they are not patient and many businesses tanked because of that. They are looking at the big brands and want to get there fast! Instant gratification seemed to be the problem for many newbies. Just be careful.

Would you like a good looking store with no capital saved, or would you like an okay store and lots of money saved in your bank account for the rainy days?

-- Olde Lady

I apologize for the late reply. The designing of the planning should be based on what is in the market out there. You should know your audience and many, many audience is good. Your location is also important, a business district with high foot traffic will be better than a store on a remote area where people tend not to travel.

There are market for what is really popular and you may choose to try to cash in on that while it last, or try to introduce something new to the market and start a trend. When introducing something new, don't introduce something that has been out there in the market... make something that many people can wear as well.

Selling to the mass is very difficult because trends come and go very fast.

You will have to find your niche (your own market area) and that maybe doing designs you don't particularly cared for, but they may bring you more money and less headache than trying to please the mass.

These niche can be selling to schools/ universities, hospitals, businesses (larger ones are great), and others that you may find to be least difficult to deal with (business-wise). I am dealing with both walk-ins and accounts. The larger the institution the better because they require changes less often due to keeping their images consistent with their brands. Changing image on the brand that people have been seeing for years or even generations can backfire on the companies.

The walk-ins can be annoying because you have to explain the same thing hundreds of time on the same information.

So, think about it and I wish you the best.

What is your progress so far?

Talk to you again soon :)

Good Luck!!

-- Olde Lady
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In this forum, you are only allowed to write in English language!!

-- Olde Lady
Yes that's true and sorry for the non-english language. Allowing non-english post BUT ONLY in region specific threads is also good for a livelier discussion. BUT also sad because too many argumentative and irrelevant posts by wannabe moderators goes un-moderated
Are you saying that I am a wannabe moderator? I don't understand what you meant? I don't get the fact that when there rules and people can't follow them!!

Your passive aggressive comment is not welcome!

Just follow the rules!

-- Olde Lady
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