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just figured i would post about my first experience with proworld.

i mulled over thier site for over two weeks putting my first order together, asking questions, and reviewing the thousands of designs.

my partner and i are new to the textile printing business. we are screen printing, but also wanted a heat press and transfers for supplementening the screen printing.

proworld is running a special, the 300 heat press gets knocked down to 169 if you order 300 in transfers. ok. we'll bite.

so, after two weeks of trying to narrow down our order, we placed it on tuesday night.. LATE tuesday night. more like wednesday morning around 3 am.

we ordered :

a 15x15 transpro heat press
over $ 300 in transfers. (over 60 designs)
a pad bra
50 black pellons
50 white pellons
and a t-square it

againk, we ordered EARLY wednesday morning.

our order shipped wednesday afternoon, and was in my hands friday morning. just a hair over 48 hours from order placement in the middle of the night, until i was opening my packages and drooling over transfers.

plus one for proworld

so, the first thing i do is start going over everything. reviewing my packing slip against my order, against whats in the box.

EVERY thing is here. EVERY last transfer i ordered. not a single item missing.

plus two for proworld.

before opening the heat press box, i checked out the box itself. man, this thing went through hell and high water. this box was beat to crap. i just knew the unit would be damaged.

but, once i opened it, i saw how well it had been packed. packed properly for expected mistreatment. the styrofoma was a bit beat up as well.... but did its job and protected the press. so there was no damage.

plus three for proworld.

i haven't tried the press out yet, or any of the transfers. but, right now, i am one happy camper and one satisfied customer.

i'll report back again after trying it out.

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So did you get a chance to try out the decals? How did they come out? Was the quality good?
Yes! On all accounts.

We've prrssed about 10 different designs. All worked great.

Press works great. We even used it to fix a couple white on black screen prints that were pretty rough.
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