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Have you thought to start out with farming out your embroidery business until you determine if it would be a viable business addition. It is not just the purchase of the machine, the added costs add up. The variety of Stabilizers you will need, fabric, temporary sprays, threads, bobbins, frames, scissors, tweezers, oils, and will you be digitizing designs?

Will you be using a catalogue of designs or will you want to offer custom designs. Then you will either need to purchase the software and learn how to use it or again farm out your designs to be created. I am not trying to deter you from embroidery, I love it but I wish I knew everything involved.

You can get used embroidery machines from many places, either advertising you are looking for one. Companies that sell them offer used one also. I started from scratch years ago with a Husqvarna Designer SE sewing machine with the embroidery machine attachment. Then I move up the industrial SFW / E-T1501, which I have been very happy with now. Again a big learning curve, I received no training when I purchased it and I had to do a deep dive in to any training videos I could find from all and any sites I could find. The SFW is not the best but it's not the worst. This site gives some information of all the different machines,

Cheers, Tina
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