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I saw nothing but 3 designs. Didn't understand what they were - no descriptions - no headline. Looks like very early stages. Site needs *alot* of work (not that mine doesn't : ) ). However I was just plain confused. Put some time into organizing, no menu buttons, no banner, no descriptions no nothing.

Shirts are o.k. - you'll need to build your sites 'feel' - that will have alot to do with who your market will be and how the shirts will be received by that market. If you were going for random Jesus shirts - then I would expect your site to either focus completely on funny religious/political or random vintage type t-shirts.

Do alot of research on your competition - that will give you examples of what people are looking for and buying. Good Luck! My site is still 'primitive' compared to the likes of bustedtees, defunker, etc. so I'm not the best for advice. However as an outsider it seems like your site needs alot more time. Good luck and keep working at it!

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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