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Fire department t-shirts

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I'm doing new union shirts for the local fire department. Not sure what to charge. Front is a 2 color union logo that is 3" x 3". The back is a 3 color roughly 10" x 10". Using plastisol and manual press. Will post pics when I get home.
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Need more info.

Shirt brand, assuming American Made.
Shirt color, assuming a navy.
I agree with dot-tone. lets say the shirt goes for 5-6 for a union shirt (bayside prices from bodek and rhodes) since its a dark color and those are more then white. I would figure around 8-9 for a low qty of shirts. and 4-5 for a high qty. based on 2 locations for colors. then what do you want to make per shirt on top of costs. I remember a person had a formula and went something like this your material costs (shirt and imprint charge) X (time spent+mark up). So lets say for this job it costs your material $13 takes oh 1 hr and you want to make a 45% profit. so its 13x1.45=$18.85 a shirt. don't forget to add the screen charge seperate from your cost per shirt. customers like break downs as to what costs what. also see what they got charged from the last screen printer. if your higher then the last guy might need to rework numbers but if your lower don't be suprised if you get the job.
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Shirts are Navy Gildan 50/50. Quantity will be whatever is ordered. I have a sign up sheet for the guys to fill out and order what they want. I'm going to offer short sleeve, long sleeve t-shirts, and hoodies. Just looking for a price to put on the order form.


Thanks miswiss. I was thinking about charging $18-20 for t-shirts, $23-25 for long sleeve, and $28-30 for the hoodies.
your welcome big duke. a fire company my wife is a ladies aux member got some shirts in that were dtg and the only thing was that they had to promise a overall total of x amount of shirts and that is how they came up with a price per item. sounds resonable for prices my only suggestion is making sure that you have yourself a set min for yourself to do the order. remember the suppliers nail you when you order little amounts compared to larger amounts. so lets say like my FD which is a combination paid drivers/vol ff and lets say they do their breast cancer shirts your only looking at 3 dozen shirts since its a one day shirt per week (Ie fri only) if working it. good luck with the order and the logo looks great.
Thanks again miswiss. My father and brother both work at the FD, so I have a little inside info on prices of old shirts. They had some DTG shirts done about 8 years ago with about the same prices. I am going to set a minimum order of 30 pieces. My dad said he'd order 6, so I guess I only need 24 more.
there you go. so now you only need maybe 6-8 guys or gals to order atleast 3-4 shirts and everything else is gravy for yourself. good luck
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