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All, Good afternoon. Quick question, when pressing the transfer to shirt, I am getting finger prints or they look like finger prints on the design. I’m pressing at 350 degree for 30seconds. I have pressed before at 330 for 15 seconds and didn’t see marks or finger prints before. Not sure what the issue is coming from. Seems like the higher the temp the more it shows.

Any suggestions??

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currently there are three types in the market right now which are following
Cut and Peel

This is a vital advance for all Inkjet Opaque papers for dim textures.

Cut along the edge of the outline without leaving an edge. Leaving an edge around the picture will bring about a white outskirt around the picture.

Subsequent to cutting, evacuate overabundance foundation material if necessary.

Utilize a vinyl weeding device or Xacto cutting edge to tenderly separate an edge of the outline from the bearer sponsorship and peel whatever is left of the plan by hand like a sticker.

Warmth Press (prescribed)

Warmth your press to 350F°

Place the printed picture confronting upwards in the coveted position on the texture.

Cover the exchange picture with silicone paper. To accomplish a gleaming completion, utilize a Teflon cover. If not secured, the paper could liquefy into the highest point of the warmth press.

Press for 30 seconds, utilizing HEAVY weight: 60 to 90 PSI on weight measure or if passing by feel, the two hands ought to be expected to close the press with a considerable measure of power.

Chilly Peel: enable exchange to totally cool before evacuating the cover sheet.

Hand Iron

Guarantee that the piece of clothing is put on a hard surface and not a pressing board. Place a cushion case or T-shirt between your hard surface and your article of clothing.

Change press at the most elevated setting and ensure the steam is killed.

Place warm exchange paper with the picture confronting upward in the coveted position on texture.

Cover picture with silicone paper to stay away from the paper softening into the iron.

Hold the iron with the two hands and apply your full body weight for greatest weight. Press every zone of the picture for no less than 45 seconds for a full exchange, making a point to totally lift the iron when moving to another zone/position. Proceed with this procedure until the whole sheet, including corners and edges, have been secured.

Chilly peel: enable exchange to totally cool before expelling the cover sheet.
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