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I am very familiar with my potential market. As I get closer and closer to creating a graphics business, I've been looking for the EXACT right rags to print ads in in the future.

I'm from MA, so I know exactly what local periodical to publish ads in for Boston; however, I don't know how to find the equivalents of this publication in other cities. For instance, the equivalent of NYC's "Village Voice" in Boston, is the "Boston Phoenix." The thing is, the rag I'm looking at in Boston is a smaller, hipper weekly publication, and finding the equivalent in, say, Chicago, is much more tricky, due to the smaller scale.

My question is, is there some sort of guide or table out there that links these things up and makes them easier to find? I'm speaking specifically of the sort of free, advertising supported "cultural/nightlife" newsprint-based papers which are given away at colleges, bars, record stores, etc.

Ideas? Links?

:) :) :)
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