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Where should I look to see the zoning laws for screen printing? I don't really even know what I'm looking for exactly.

I guess it's the disposal of the chemicals? Just that right?

We r finally losing our house in just 2 months so I gotta know this when we look for a house to rent. Thanks.

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These are tough questions, Kacie

Here's a link to Portland's Zoning Codes:
On page 5 of 42 is a chart with the 6 residential classifications and prohibited activities.
It looks like Residential Zone RF permits conditional use.

Many non-hazardous screen chemicals are considered "drain safe" in normal use,
but can cause problems with septic tanks.
The product literature and MSDS will tell you what's "drain permissible".

I'm sad to hear you're losing your house.
We work with many garage printers out of their homes.

Much will come down to your landlord's attitude,
and any neighbor's considerations or dreaded HOA's.

Best of luck.
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