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finding a shopping cart solution

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Hello and good day guys, Im designing a website to sell t-shirts and im having trouble with a couple of things regarding shopping carts, i dont know if they could be used in a flashbased site or do i have to have a link to a html page on my flash site, also i dont have any idea what shopping cart solution wold be right for me. Its starting off as a small site with about 10 items with hopes of getting larger in the future. I would greatly appreciate any advice anybody has out there.
Thank you.
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The only one I know of and there may be others is here,, Top Ecommerce Features | Avactis: Ecommerce PHP Shopping Cart Software

Read the features it lists Flash sites integration as one of the features
Take a look at OsCommerce. Unlimited products,fully customizable, and best of all...FREE
There are several books available on how to customize your OsC site.
well if you want to get a up to date cart that's free and easy to work with its at Ecwid: E-Commerce Widgets
Thanks for the help guys.. I will check them out.
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