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finding a manufacturer

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hopefully i am in the right section... i was curious as to how i would find out a manufacturer for another brand. (for an example-- from this site i found out that JS Apparel manufactures Affliction.) i want to know how do i go about finding this information with other brands. do i check RN numbers or do i have to talk to someone one the inside. The brand i am trying to find is Truth Soul Armor. I like they way their shirts are cut and need to find out if they have them cut and sewn to their specific specifiations, or if they just order blanks and have them printed.. any information would be appreiciated. TIA!!

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Cut and sew most definitelyfor that company. Could be at JS apparel or could be some factory in China. Who knows really which factory they get made at. Just cause JS makes those shirts for whoever doesn't mean they sell you the same ones wholesale, although i would think they would be very similar minus all the special washes and distressing. Doing RN searches may or may not help you. Just depends on the company. I have found that most MMA companies (like 90%) use Allstyle Apparel. Why? Simple. They leave the Allstyle tags in them and i have the Allstyle RN memorised. Tap Out, UFC, Hostility and so on. Check out American Apparel, Article.1, Royal, TQM apparel, COntinental. All of these compnies have similar cuts to Affliction.
thanks for the help.. right now i work at a embrodiery company and we work with article1, alternative, royal, american, and a few others, i have ordered alot of samples that come close but no cigar. some come almost the same but after one or two washes, it doesnt even feel like the same shirt. I like the Affliction tees but this shirt that i got from Truth seems to wear/fit a bit better. eventually, i want to do cut and sew, but for right now. i'll have to buy it striaght from the manf. also i wouldnt want them to sell me the exact ones, i just would like to know the specs and measurements. And basically from there, use the closest match i could until i work up my own cut and sew measurements. But thanks for the information, which rn do they use from Allstyle. the closet i see on their site is item 5301 but from the picture it looks like a regular 5180 from Hanes(Beefyt)

Thanks once agian

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