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Financial information help

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Please help by providing information to any of the following from your experience...

Financial Statements Assignment- In order to accomplish these tasks, you must begin to create a quantitative model of the business. This quantitative model must take into account your estimates of demand for your products and/or services, your proposed prices, the resulting revenues generated, the economic resources necessary to create and deliver your products and services and get the business started. A more advanced, but not required, version would account for the patterns of funds flow to and from the organization.

Information Needed-
Specifically, your assignment is to create the quantitative and verbal documents that begin to constitute this model. These documents should include the following:

1) A revenue model (sales forecast) quantifying your assumptions about the time-dependent purchasing patterns that will generate revenues for the business. These patterns will depend on assumptions about the timing of demand (partly based on your marketing efforts), unit prices, the number of units available, and the number of units sold for each product or service (if more than one). Do this on a MONTHLY basis for I year.

2) An itemization of estimated startup costs, including
a) requirements such as products, materials, land, facilities, new construction, renovation, equipment, vehicles, raw materials, inventory, supplies or working capital and
b) expenditures associated with startup such as professional services, marketing, licenses, training, research, etc.
c) Where will your start-up funds come from?

3) A clear statement of the assumptions which are the basis for the quantities used above.
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This is for a small online business selling t-shirts. Any help/information would be wonderful. Information could be on experience through rough estimates and/or actual numbers. If you provide contact information (name, company, or other) I will reference you and (of course) the post!
You really didn't give us enough info to answer your questions. You may want to use the search box at the top of the page to research some answers. Reading through past posts may give you a better idea of the different possibilities.
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