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I dig the layout and unified theme of the site. Very clean and professionally done.

If I had to nitpick, I would say you could tweak the following:

1) Homepage - I would add a little text intro and a couple pictures of your t-shirts on this page.

The text intro will help orientate people to let them know they're at the right place (and help with search engines). The t-shirt pictures will draw them into your site and give them some buying options right away.

2) Overall Navigation - The navigation is good as it is :) One thing I would add is plain text links. Not all users are savvy enough to know that your side menu is clickable since it is so seamless into your design. I would suggest putting some plain underlined links at the bottom of the page to the various interior areas of your site (this will also help with search engines).

3) T-Shirt Page - It looks like you're trying for a very clean layout and it's working. One thing I might suggest (although not all sites do it), it to put the name of the design in text (linked) underneath each picture:

4) Product Pages - These are well done as well! Not much to change there.

Maybe you could add instructions as an "alt tag" on the design images or under them to let people know they can click on the image to view a larger image of the design.

The sizing chart link could be closer to where you select the sizes so the shopper doesn't have to hunt for the link.

I would put your contact name/ phone number and address on your contact page (since it's already on the About page, people will be looking for it on the contact page).

Lastly, I'm not sure which shopping cart you're using (looks a bit like oscommerce). But you should look into an SEO or static URL module for it.

That way your links are easier to spider for the search engines. They would go from: http://govtissues.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=28

To something like:
http://govtissues.com/catalog/product_info/21/28 or something like that.

It would also help to have your t-shirt design title show up in your TITLE tags on each of the product pages. That will help you find more buyers from the search engines as well.

Ok, that's enough nitpicking :)

But seriously, your site is superfine as it is. It looks way better than my first t-shirt site and better than some of my current t-shirt sites :) The design layout is top notch.

If your current layout is cake, my suggestions would be like the sprinkles on top :)

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suzieh said:
Rodney, care to elaborate? Haven't been keeping up with web design/search engine stuff.

Thanks. Susan H.
Although search engines are getting better at indexing URLs that have variables in them (like product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=28)

It makes it much easier for search engines to index all the pages of your website if the URLs don't have question marks, ampersands and equal signs in them.

A static URL for oscommere would look like:
(just found this in google)

Not only is this static (without variables) URL easier for search engines to index, it is also easier for humans to share via email. Without the question marks, it makes it easier for someone to copy and paste the URL in an email to a friend and not have the URL break off into two lines (which would make the URL go to the wrong place when clicked in the email message).

The static URLs can usually be acomplished through a modification of the script (most shopping carts come with a "search engine friendly" option), and enabling something called mod_rewrite on the server (mod_rewrite is available on most hosting servers and just requires uploading an extra file to your hosting account. The extra file is called an .htaccess file)
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