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So I have assembled most of my gear

An Epson wide format 4 color printer
Refillable Cobra ink cartridges
Extra bottles of each Cobra Ink
100 sheets of each Cobra Dye sub transfer paper
Geo Knight DK20S Heat Press
A couple of teflon sheets

An assortment of shirts

100% poly Jerzee shirts in light grey. 100% poly shirts in Safety Pink and a couple of blues and purple from Gilden. I also picked up a couple of 65/35 shirts from Gildan I could not find in 100% poly light enough to sublimate, Military Green and Heather purple. I plan on going with black designs on the 65/35 shirts and I am hopeful for a satisfactory result.

Now I just have to wait on everything to arrive.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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