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Between these FilmMaker v4 and PowerRip which one is better ?

As I know both are working the same , but as i look some of function are still different.
I have test demo accruip also but still PowerRip8 is much more better have print out nicer and sharper and darker which the same setting .

I got PowerRip 8 which is work nicey , but still want to know about FilmMarker V4 .
because some said FilmMarker is better ..
I have download FilmMarker V4 demo but still not successs in installing because it ask for driver which i have install Powerrip 8 in my systerm . I use Epson 1390 but FilmMarker V4 have require driver Epson 1400 , the guys in FilmMarker V4 said i can use 1390 driver . I don't want to ruin my PowerRip8 Driver.

SO if anyone have both of these Rip programs install in your systerm or even try the Demo of these 2 .

Please let me know which on is better . Cause i planing to get FilmMarkerV4.

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