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Anybody know how I file taxes for the money I made on Spreadshirt?
(I'm in California, USA)
I registered with them as an individual, not as a business.
How do I show the IRS how much I got paid?
Do I need to get a form from Spreadshirt, like a w2 form?
They mentioned something about reporting it as supplemental income.
Anybody know which tax form to use for that?
Do I only pay taxes on the money they sent to me in 2005?
They sent some money to me in 2006. Do I pay taxes on that next year?
Do I only pay taxes on the money I actually received from them or do I also
pay taxes on the comissions that haven't been paid out yet?

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If you made over $600 in 2005, Spreadshirt will send you a 1099 form that shows you your earnings.

You would use this 1099 form to report to the IRS how much you made from that source.

If you didn't make over $600 from spreadshirt, it's still a good idea to report the income, but they probably won't send you a 1099 form.

As far as which forms to use and how to file, that would be a question for H&R Block or even the IRS. If you visit the IRS website, they give lots of tips on which forms to use. You can even call them for help or drop by their office and they'll help you file your taxes.
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