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Few designs done and on shirts. Are t shirt agents out there ? Or is it possible if a brand likes it to collab?

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I have a few basic designs of what I envision put on to some decent t shirts just too get the picture out there for people to see and give me feedback on. Now is it possible to find someone that has already started to maybe cosign , etc.. How can I find someone? Can an agent help me with this ? How could I find an agent ?
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what is it that you want to do? what would you envision your 'agent' accomplishing? there's no one, that i'm aware of at least, that's akin to, say, a talent agent wherein you submit your design and they shop it around to stores and web sites. the closest to an 'agent' that you would come is having a sales guy see if some of the chain stores would be interested in buying them wholesale.

i think you mean consign, no? :) as in taking your wares to a consignment shop and have them put your stuff on their rack? sure, you can do that. find them by calling around some shops, i guess, and ask the manager what his policies are, if any. you're likely to find a few ppl here who have done well with such a strategy, but it's not necessarily for most folk who have their own brand.

by and large, people with their own brand will sell mostly from their website and/or do sales on location, like at flea markets, fairs, etc.. fewer are able to get their shirts into an actual brick-and-mortar store of any size, and fewer still have their own stores.

if you have a few designs that you don't want to or can't make on your own shirts, you can sell the design. i've seen prices range from $20 to $200. the lower range seems to be a kind of 'lease' to screen printers, the higher price is, from what i've seen with the bigger websites, pretty much flat-out buying it and all the rights. you may be interested in zazzle, cafepress, those kinds of places, where they essentially buy your design and pay you a very small commission for each sale. of course, there are a thousand variations in between all of this, so do your research, read their policies, and use some common sense if you decide to sell your design/s.
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Thanks for the great long response . One question? Where do I go to protect my brands designs and name before I make a website ?
that reply was about average length for me. :)

trademarks, such as you would want for your logo, you would need to go here: Trademarks Home

for actual designs, you can get those copyrighted here: U.S. Copyright Office

note that, technically, once you bring something into existence, such as a design, it's copyrighted. having it registered may or not be something you're interested in.

a trademark, as you would want for your logo, is something you would want to get, but it's not crucial that you have one immediately. it's something you want to add to the list, but often people see how it goes first before putting the money into it. i want to say they're $275-425 depending on your situation, but don't quote me on that. if you can show that you've used your trademark in commerce, that's going to be a big deal if someone disputes it, i think.

so, for the moment at least, i don't think you need to stress over the trademark, and even less so over copyrights. do some due diligence to make sure you're not ripping someone's trademark or designs off. i'd guess that most people don't even think about these things, for good or ill, until they've reached a certain level of business.
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