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FeedBack On My New SITE!

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Whats up T-shirt Forums community! I just launched the site for my brand and i want to get some feedback. Don't hold back any opinions please let us know how you really feel about it!

Upscale Living — Home

site is still under construction so any opinions and advice would be great. Thanks!
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well, aren't you IP infringing with the bull's design? anyway, from that page:

'Show you'r team spirit for the Bull's with a twist of Fly head gear.' couple of typos here (you'r and bull's) that need fixed. typically, where there're typos in one spot, there are typos elsewhere, so you need to go through the whole site and look for those. perhaps the misspellings are on purpose to convey the attitude, but don't know and i always feel as if it's at least better not to play around with alternate spellings unless it's really accepted by the audience.

after seeing the start page and looking at the slideshow, which took awhile to load, i hit 'shop' and felt underwhelmed. i expected more, i guess. the first thing i noticed was the white... lots and lots of white, then some shirt against a wood paneled wall, which i thought didn't look good at all. i mean, 'upscale' and 'wood paneling' aren't exactly two terms i associate with each other, ya know? lol. your prices are pretty upscale, though, so, imo, the background on those shirts definitely needs to hit the bricks.

the close-up on the general design was still hard to see for me. it's fine for a sideshow, but pretty much when i want to view a design i don't want distractions like side angles.

of course, you need a FAQ, about us, and return policy. i know it's under construction, so i'm sure you'll hit on that.

just my opinion, but i didn't care for the colours in the fonts.

it seems like the idea here was to equate upscale to eloquent to simple. to me, it came off as colourless, dull, simple and, obviously, unfinished. i'm not ashamed to say that when i see 'upscale' or 'luxury' or 'elegant' in a title then i expect a website that's just that. simple and clean is good, but taken too far and it lacks any kind of expression.

i personally don't think a blog is needed here, though i would probably have more pics of models depicting the lifestyle you're going for, and i'm not talking about model templates.

it's almost too simple to find something great about it, but i like that you have a close-up option. those never hurt, imo. and don't get me wrong, i always find it impressive that someone has taken their brand this far.

so, my initial ideas would be to get a FAQ, return policy, about us, more pics using quality models and professional photography (yours isn't awful), consider putting the slideshow together with the shirts (i'd venture to say that these kind of landing pages that you have are losing favour ~ if not for most people, then at least for me, lol, although i do see quite a few of them and perhaps it's appropriate for some brands more than others), go through and look for typos and such, get rid of the hideous background for the shirts, and add some colour because simple and elegant doesn't have to mean plain and dull.

hope that helped. :)
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Background looks plain and menu is too small.Don't be afraid to give it some life and make it stand out from the rest.
You can't say it site right now. Give more attention to it please. Make pages, categories, Content at this piece of site.
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