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Feedback of designs appreciated

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Hi Guys

If you can give some feedback on the designs it would be appreciated.


RockBottom - Printfection.com
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nice work, very detailed. Can i ask what program you used to creat them?
Hi Chica

Thanks for the remarks. All artwork is hand drawn and painted in water colours, Then scanned into photoshop for any tweeking

wow really? Thats amazing. I can never get my acrylic paintings to look that good after a scan. Very, very nice work.
I think your web site and designs are great,nice work!
imho not a fan. reminds me of something someone would buy on vacation in cancun.
Thanks for the comment Mike but thats good Mike because we are targeting divers, and Cancun is big with divers.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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