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Feed Back about Design and Website PLEASE

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I am new to tshirt forms and I am on here to gain knowledge and feedback about my website and designs. Please feel free to give some insite on anything you see. Here is a link to my website. Zatoon Store.

Thank you for taking the time to read and checking out the website.
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Not bad.

Only thing I saw that might need work is that when you click on the Product details.. the design is the smallest image on the page.

Yeah, there is some info.. but I would want to see a close up (the zoom image was also very small) of the image to see what it was.

Those big links at the bottom could be a bit smaller. They kind of overpower the t-shirts.
I really like what you have done with the website, and the site is not too complicated its just fine to where people understand how to get around.
I like it a lot and your designs, how did you set up your website?
Thank you all for your response. I appreciate the feedback. Our website is through Joomla and we are using the virtuemart.
I was on the site briefly and like the shirts. When I clicked on a shirt I did want to know how the shirt was printed. Is that on the site somewhere? Your look book is great.
Very nice website, and the designs are awesome. Best of luck.

WOW that city of san Francisco shirt is amazing.

It is refreshing to see someone actually put together really original designs!
Good site. Doesn't drive the eyes crazy. I agree w/ the above poster. The star of the site should be the shirts. They're fighting for stage time with the links on the bottom. Don't hide those designs. They're intricate and giving a customer a chance to really see them will help convert the sale.
Good looking site. I think it needs a touch or two or color.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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