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FDC Vinyl vs. Oracal 851

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In a pinch and don't want to wait so long to get some sign vinyl......found a supplier w/in a reasonable distance from me, but they don't sell oracal vinyl......
Now the ?........
Is FDC 2100/2200 vinyl at least in the same class as Oracal 851?
Has anyone used this and how easy is it to weed?
Pricewise thru this place it is about the same as the Oracal.....so am I getting at least something as good as the Oracal?

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FDC series 2100 is very, very good vinyl. It cuts and weeds like a dream. You won't be disappointed.
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I have used both and FDC I think is a tad better
Bother very good companies but ya
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