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FDC vinyl Problems Or is it me

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Hi everyone just wanted to ask as quick question.

I am new to the hole vinyl scene and I am not getting a good result with the vinyl the supplier has given me.. It is made by FDC and called Thermal Advantage . It is 3m thick and it is a hot peel.
I am having a lot or problems with the finished product . After washing this product it seems to wrinkle and the edges seem to start to peel . It Looks great Until the wash and then its a mess. The first design I had was some very small lines and details and thought that maybe that was the problem.. But I tried another test shirt with big bold letters and had the same outcome ..


I am not sure if I am doing something wrong but I have tried to follow the instructions that came with this product and no matter which way I do it the result is the same..
The shirt itself is 100% cotton prewash and dry to try and avoid shrinkage prepressed before applying vinyl. I have tried turning the temp up adjusting the pressure or leaving it on the press for 5 or 10 seconds longer then the spec says also press it again for another 10 seconds after its applied to the shirt and no matter what I do as soon as it comes out of the washer result the same.. I have actually emailed FDC about a week ago as well as the supplier and nothing back from either of them.. But I do not want to give this to people looking the way it does . Not impressed at all with it... I just would really Like to know what I am doing wrong if anything...

Thanks for any info
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Well I have used the spec paper they gave me which says press the vinyl at 300-320 for 10 seconds using 35-40 psi.. I have also tried adjusting the pressure a bunch of different ways but no real way to tell what Psi I am actually using...
i have never heard of that brand. i have used ecofilm for years and years and never had any problem even close to yours. after years of use it still sticks like a champ. i have never used gorilla grip stuff but i have heard it is also good stuff. i would stick with the name brands. check out imprintables warehouse website. your stuff is obviously not sticking like it should be.
They re brand a big name brand of vinyl and just put their name on it,, you may have a bad roll,, you cant really go by what your heat press says, you need to take its temp from a out side source.
Sound like you are purchase some cheat vinyl. I purchase mine from tubelite.com, I have no problem, they are great
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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