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Favourite T-Shirts - Type of Cotton Used?

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Greetings All,

This is my first post on this website and I am hoping that someone can help me out.

About a year ago I bought this t-shirt from Esprit and even though I did not know it I was buying my favorite t-shirt of all time. Since then I have returned to the shop looking for the same type of t-shirt,(same material) but I cannot seem to find anything remotely like it.

Last week I was out shopping again and I found another t-shirt, this time from G-Star Raw and again it’s the very same material as the Esprit one and I love it!

For some reason I seem to love t-shirts that are made from this type of material/cotton. They just fit me so well. When I checked the type of material that was used, it said 100% cotton. However all the t-shirts in the store are 100% cotton and I can see no difference. I have several of these and it is just not the same.

My question is does anyone out there know what type of cotton this two t-shirts were made from?

It seems that

- it is a heavier, thicker version of cotton
- it feels tighter and rolls over the body nicer
- it looks like there are lines going through it (how it was made)

If you want to me to post pictures or any information from the tags of the t-shirt just let me know

Any help whatsoever, is GREATLY appreciated!

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Hi Dec,

That would be better if you could upload a picture for your easy reference. Even same cotton materials, there are differ from good quality or common. And the texture will also affect what you will like or not.


My guess is that it is ringspun or combed cotton (or both) that gives it the qualities that you like.

Hard to say without seeing or feeling the t-shirt though.
Thank you Gentlemen for your kind responses.

I will take a photo tonight and post it here.

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