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Greetings All,

This is my first post on this website and I am hoping that someone can help me out.

About a year ago I bought this t-shirt from Esprit and even though I did not know it I was buying my favorite t-shirt of all time. Since then I have returned to the shop looking for the same type of t-shirt,(same material) but I cannot seem to find anything remotely like it.

Last week I was out shopping again and I found another t-shirt, this time from G-Star Raw and again it’s the very same material as the Esprit one and I love it!

For some reason I seem to love t-shirts that are made from this type of material/cotton. They just fit me so well. When I checked the type of material that was used, it said 100% cotton. However all the t-shirts in the store are 100% cotton and I can see no difference. I have several of these and it is just not the same.

My question is does anyone out there know what type of cotton this two t-shirts were made from?

It seems that

- it is a heavier, thicker version of cotton
- it feels tighter and rolls over the body nicer
- it looks like there are lines going through it (how it was made)

If you want to me to post pictures or any information from the tags of the t-shirt just let me know

Any help whatsoever, is GREATLY appreciated!

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