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Favorite script cursive and other fonts

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I'm on the hunt for script / handwritten / cursive fonts

I get asked for these constintly all I have is

Brush scrpit
Blessed day

I need more and any other cool good fonts to use on my vinyl cutter

Plz post any and all fonts you recomend

It's most apreceatied

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I love 'parchment' for really fancy monograms. the D and the I on my shirt pic are done in parchment.
Edwardian, Aquafina, ballpark wiener, Bickham, Vivaldi, Koziupack, Stanford script, Miss Robinson, Mr Stalwart, A&S Blaze.

I use all of these for various reasons and purposes.

Hope that helps.
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Check Font Squirrel for free commercial use fonts. You should always investigate the individual license agreements though. There are some on the site that say "we believe because there isn't anything that outright forbids commercial use, that you can use this font", which is not true.

My list of favorite fonts is ever changing and forever expanding. Check out dafont. Great selection and you can even search by license agreement
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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