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fault printing one part of mug

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:mad: Hi there from down under. I have sublimation printed on 36 11oz mugs up untill now using a "mug wrap" I purchased from Australia.

Every thing went A Ok up untill the last 6 mugs, when all of a sudden there is a no print ( or a light part of the design) about 45 to 50mm from the handle on the right hand side. (mug handle facing you). The sub paper, shows a darker area on it where the rest has transfered to the mug, and is lighter.

Anybody got any ideas, I have thought of faulty mugs, the stretchey mug wrap has run out of stretch, causing a "no pressure" area.

Thanks for your comments.:rolleyes:
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If you can upload a picture, That way we can see the problem more clearly.
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I will upload a couple of photos shortly, however I may have found the problem. There are two tiny tiny splits, where the fastening bar on the right hand side runs through a fold over. this could be the trouble, but I will post photos.
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