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Fatcat prints is the schiznit

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FatKat printz is the Schiznit

I’m starting a new business with my son, printing T-shirts. I bought a DTG Kiosk off of ebay at the beginning of August 2010. The person who we bought it from had sent it to Pantagram to be refurbished. It was shipped back to him after and then he crossed off his address and put ours. And sent it right back out. I received around the 17th of Aug. At this time we watched videos and started the DTG. We tried for hours to print a t-shirt. We were unable to, so we had heard about this forum. So we got on to ask a question. Not even 2 minutes later, FatKat Printz had messaged us by giving us there phone number to have us call them. We talked to Pat and Carla for few hours trying to get our DTG going. They have 2 DTG Kiosks and have had some problems in the past. They know a lot about them. We were unable to get it working. We talked for the next few days, trying to fix it. In this time we had called Pantagram to see if they could help us. They first found out that we had just bought it and made it clear that it was no longer on warrantee and that we would have to pay for tech support. Then they began explaining how it would cost us 3 to 5 grand to ship it to them and have it fixed. We had told Carla and Pat this and they offered us to come to Florida and they would fix the DTG and install the new ink bag system. They made it clear they did not want anything for doing this. That they just wanted to help us start our business. We drove down to Florida on the weekend of the 27th of August and got to FatKatPrintz shop on the 29th. They were there to welcome us to Florida with open arms. We unloaded the DTG and set it up in there shop. They first tried to get it to print after we set it all up. We were unable to get it to print. So Pat and Carla started to show us how to take apart each part of the DTG. We found the coder strip was dirty and lose. Also the ribbon cable was bent and ripped on the end on bottom of the DTG and was not installed right. Pentagram was supposed to of fixed these problems when they had refurbished it. You would think if u got something refurbished that it would come back working. Also the print head was messed up and had to be replaced. We went and got these parts and also had got the new ink bag system. Pat showed us how to replace these problems and showed us the right way it is supposed to look . Pat fixed everything and put the DTG back together. Showing us each step the whole time. Then we installed the ink bag system. While pat was doing this. Carla was showing my son a few ways to get the new business going and on how to set up your computer to run the DTG. She was very helpful!! After installing the new parts and the bagged ink, We set up the computer and started the DTG. After the head cleanings and the nozzle checks, we tried printing. Right off it worked with no problems. We printed a few shirts to make sure it was working. Everything was fixed and the DTG was working great. We packed up and hit the road home. We got home and set it up. And it started out great. So far it has had no problem. FatKat Printz helped us out a lot and still offer their help. They did this for free and took 2 days off to help us. We worked on it all day and some the night both days. We are very happy for their help and teaching us on how to fix a DTG and how to run it fully. They were very welcoming and helpful the whole time. We want to give them a special thanks for this. We’re glad they helped fix the DTG when Pantagram wouldn’t help unless we paid few grand.
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Pat and Carla are two of the most stand up people I have ever met.
Thanks you two for all your help and support. Users like you are what makes this forum the great place it is.
Thank You, Adam you have been very helpful as well.. thanks to you too.
Well now I know who out bid me for that press.[media]http://www.t-shirtforums.com/images/icons/icon7.gif[/media] I am waiting for the press that I won the bid on to arrive today. I know it's not going to be in working order when I get it. I hope that I find someone as wonderful as you did to help me out. Thanks for sharing.
Great job Pat and Carla. Sounds like pantagrams should send you a check and an apology to the owner.
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Wow, that's truly above and beyond guys. Thanks for taking the time to help out a new member in need!

TahoeTomahawk said:
Users like you are what makes this forum the great place it is.
That's for sure! That's pretty amazing stuff.
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