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We are selling our Fast T Jet Blazer Pro. It is in excellent condition, like new! It has been in an enclosed, climate controlled room since we purchased it so it has been very pampered!!!
* The Fast T-JET™ Blazer Pro is similar to the Fast T-JET™Jumbo2. It uses the very robust and fast Epson 4800 as the print engine. It will print vibrant, washfast prints on white, light and dark shirts VERY FAST. We've got the attachments and platens for printing two shirts, 3 shirts or one large print area.

This is an awesome printer. We love it but we don't have the room for it anymore. We got a smaller printer but will certainly miss the capability of printing multiple shirts at one time.
We would like to get $8,000.00 for it which is a steal compared to some of the others out there on the market but make us an offer we can't refuse!! :)


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