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Fast Manager Software and computer

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I wanted to know what a fair price would be to ask
to sell computer with Fast Manager Software
Its an Emachine PC El1352-23e computer.moniter and Key board with Fast Manager apparal printing sofware installed.
Computer has Windows 7.
I was told it was the 3 user package.How would I know.
I was going to list on Ebay and maybe in Classifieds
but I have no idea.



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Probably your bets bet is to just give it away for free with the computer. It s decent software but whoever buys it will need to pay for a support package or it doesn't work well. You stat having issues with emails and other errors. I still use it but I have to print invoices to a pdf then use Outlook to email. Nothing too major just inconvenient for a basic task that should be handled from the expensive software that Fast Manager is
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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