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fashion factory plug-in for corel x5 graphics suite

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need help loading fashion factory plug-in for corel x5 graphics suite on win 7 x 64 computer system. i have been provided a download link, but i want to see if the physical disc i have will load successfully. i have emailed and called advanced artist but have not been able to get a response. if the disc i purchased won't load, i want to get a replacement disc. thanks.
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I've been trying to get a hold of Tom for several days now too. He hasn't responded to my calls or emails. I hope he's alright. Do you have your disk yet? He's usually pretty quick about getting them out. They don't load automatically if they're anything like design base and simple seps. You have to go to the download place on your computer and unzip them. I'm not a computer geek and it takes me days to figure out how to install his software to get it to work! But eventually I do figure it out.
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