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Started out w HTV last year, its going pretty good. Looking to be able to make shirts for cheaper as well as do larger runs so ive been looking into screen printing as well as having plastisol transfers made. A local owner i know has run a smaller SP business for the last 8-10 years and happens to be stepping away from it as i am jumping in. Seems like a great oppurtunity and i would like to hit the ground running with my current clients as well as his regular clients in hopes of locking down some big "town rec dept" type clients in the future. Ive been to his house and seen his setup. Its def a little old but well taken care of. He is asking for $10,000 (eqipment) or $15K (equip + he stays on 1yr). I would love it if you guys with experience could ballprak what a realistic used value on this setup would be. TIA!

Brother Pr600 embroidery machine.... Caps conveyor dryer.... 4 color 4 station press.... 4 color 1 station press.... (2) infared flash dryers.... Ranar forced air flash dye.... (2) 15X15 heat presses, clamshell.... hat press.... Cameo 3 vinyl cutter.... light box, exposure unit.... 1 youth pallet, 1 sleeve pallet, 4 pocket masters.... brother laser printer.... CP desk+chair.... inks, squeegees, chemicals, extra vinyl, #s.... 40 screens 2 screen racks.... files + designs.... washout booth.... storage containers and extra shirts.... wholesaler/distrubutor account....


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