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I made a design for my favourite artist who was shot on May 29, I created Vintage Bootleg inspired design which was Black & White and is supposed to be printed on Black. When i go to a POD site like Printful or Printify, The Preview of my Design looks faded. I know this will happen and is inevitable, It also may look good as the design is Vintage and being faded will give it a more vintage look but is there any way i can reduce the fade? Too much fade would look very weird. I can't just give it a go and see how it'll look as the shipping costs from USA to India are very high plus the Customs so i need to make sure it'll look as i want it to before i place the order.

This is the Design I made :

Sleeve Flash photography Jacket Font Movie

This is what I'm looking for :
Head Coat Outerwear Shirt Sleeve

This is the Preview i get from Printful :
Outerwear Product Black Dress Neck
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