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Hi everyone,
Been at dye sub for a couple of months and had plenty of probs to sort. Got another one, but also want to share a couple of things here.
I had some issues with press marks on shirts. I think I've just about sorted it with foam. Over this side of the pond, i haven't been able to find vapourfoam, so I've located some medium density silicone foam on ebay which works well and handles heat well.
I've used it 2 ways. First, on top of the rubber mat that comes with the press - I place it on here and lay the fabric then transfer on top.
Also, I'v e tried it under the rubber mat, which makes it slightly more difficult to line the fabric up over the foam on account of the extra thickness, but it works well, pressing on top of the mat.
problem I'm getting now (only with large A3 size prints) is that there is a portion in the middle of the transfer that seems to wrinkle up (though the material is flat). Any ideas? The transfer when I dry it for a few seconds under the press does wrinkle up a bit, but I have no probs with A4, and it is only right in the middle.The wrinkles mean that there are faded areas across the middle.
Anyone else experienced this.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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