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Facebook welcome page...

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I hope someone can help me. I would like to do a two page welcome page. First page would be to get people to "like" the page and the second page would have a promo code on there as a thank you for "liking". I am confused about doing this. I think that the fbml format is no longer working. I think that I'm looking for a html format and I would like one that is free to use. Can anyone help? Having a tough time figuring this one out. Thanks.
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No one? Anyone know how to do a landing (welcome) page? anyone?
I just googled "make a facebook landing page" and there was alot of info on it including youtube tutorials..
I generally boycott companies who have promotions and such through Facebook and refuse to offer it through any other method. I've never gotten a straight answer as to whether Facebook offers exclusivity bonuses.
This is the one I used. Very easy and it works. Had it up and running in a few minutes.

I used the Facebook "FBML" app (search for it in the app section) and just used custom HTML. Set this as a default tab to show for non-likers. (not sure of the real term there!)

Having said that, we don't use it now that the new Timeline feature is around as you can have a nice graphic at the top of your FB page anyway. We still do use the FBML app for a custom "Contact Us" tab on our Facebook page. Not everyone likes to post public questions on your Facebook page as it uses their real name and profile, so we find this handy to give the shyer folk a chance to reach out to us.
Thanks for that video tutorial. I will try it.
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