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You can try the following steps to prevent plastisol ink from soaking into heavily patterned fabric:

  1. Pre-treat the fabric: Applying a spray or a wash primer can help create a barrier between the fabric and the ink, reducing the absorption.
  2. Use a high opacity ink: Consider switching to a high opacity plastisol ink, which has a higher concentration of pigments and can help cover up the pattern.
  3. Adjust the print pressure: Increasing the print pressure can help force the ink to lay on top of the fabric instead of soaking in.
  4. Use a flash cure: After printing, use a flash cure to partially cure the ink before printing another layer, which will help the ink adhere to the fabric.
  5. Experiment with different meshes: Different screen meshes can also affect the way ink lays on the fabric, try using a lower mesh count or a higher tension on the screen.
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