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Fabric coatings

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I was talking to a vendor today about a problem I had placing plastisol transfer on one of my tote bags and she gave me some interesting information that I had not heard before, even here on the forum. The time on the transfer was 15 seconds at 375 at med to heavy pressure,
The first problem I had in my test was the time. I got it down to 12 second and it went OK except for one thing. My cotton bags got scorched. It was faint but there..
I am a quality control freak so it upset me. My wife said no one could tell.
So when I told this vendor (Not the one I bought my transfers from) she asked if they were scotch guarded (fabric protector)or did they use sizing (I think that is a stiffener) She said if so that would do it. These were high quality bags so I would almost believe they had the sizing. I am going to do a test on one of my cheap bags and see the results.
OK then she said, Lou, she always calls me Lou do not try to do transfer on some of this new space age stain resistant fabric because the transfer will not stick. OK everyone that knew this raise your hand. I see two hands. Lou
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Lou, try glueing a paper to it with crazy gLOU. :p :D LOL

if it sticks, the transfers will work, I'm ok with that.
But then how do I remove my hand from the gLOuED bag. By the way you were one of the hands I saw go up...
ah. :D

btw, sometimes it's just really thin cheap dye you know.

At one time, i didnt know that the color white was a dye color. :(

AM i spelling dye like in fabric dye correctly, i get it confused with die (die-cut).
One thing you might try to reduce the scorching is to place a teflon sheet over the top of the transfer before pressing it. I usually do this anyway to keep it in place better (and haven't had any scorching problems on anything myself), but I recently saw another reference on the forums that said they were getting scorching until they tried the teflon sheet, which fixed it.
you can even use craft paper or a blank sheet of plastisol release paper :)
I tried a piece of tee shirt on a test and the transfer did not stick. When I took it off the tranfer stuck. I even made sure the tee piece was hot. Oh well it is done and on it's way the NH. i will see if the client sees it. if not.. I'll just tell my rep to sell them at his grage sale and keep the money. Beside. Igot a school order today... Soon I will be adding my hat press...
badalou said:
or did they use sizing (I think that is a stiffener)
Basically yes - starch is a sizing agent for example. It's used to help stop the dyes/inks from running.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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