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Hey guys,

I think a year to the day when my Epson last went bad and I paid for the fixed price repair it's gone bad again with Ch3/4 dropping out and after medium cleans getting it back they drop out after a print or two. It must be the heat change as it was the same thing last year when it got hot here in the UK, either that or after 12 months the dampers just harden.

Anyway when I paid for the fixed price repair I had issues with the Cyan/Magenta needing to be put on cleans a day later to get a full nozzle check so two days after the first repair they came out again and changed all the parts again. All was good for the last 12 months. At the time I cleaned through the 3 day old printhead and boxed the capping assy.

I have since acquired a new damper assy too so I'm just thinking what's the best way to proceed... just do the damper assy and flush the head a bit or do the dampers assy and try the 3 day old capping assy?

I see two recent posts on here and they make mention to the service programme on eBay to depresurise the lines but then other say this is not needed. I watched them change the parts out originally but can't remember every step. I turn the printer on and leave it on whilst doing the work? Should I set it to cleaning around the head so it moves to the middle and out of the locked position?
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