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EZscreenprint method in Philippines?

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Hello everyone!

I'm from Davao city and would like to start my own small screen printing service at home.

I came across a Youtube video and a website that sells screen printing packages which are very beginner friendly. The method that they used is very easy indeed and I am very interested to try their method first before trying out one level up.

youtube video
1. EZScreenPrint - How To Make a Stencil - YouTube
2. EZScreenPrint - How To Screen Print a T-Shirt - YouTube

their website

I was wondering if the "stencils" that they used is available here in the country specifically Davao City? I believe it is also called precoated screens but I'm not really sure. Do we have a Filipino term for the stencil that they used? I know I can get all the other supplies needed that were shown in the video except for the "stencil".

Replies will be very much appreciated...

BTW, my first post in this forum and a newbie in the screen printing world :D

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hi sir .. ung product po na sinasabi nio ay hindi po mganda gamitin pang business .. meron po mga available na products dito satin sa pinas na mas mura at mas matibay pa po .. :))
How To Screen Print T Shirts At Home - YouTube

yanpo ang mga starter tips .. marami ka po malalaman tunkol sa screen printing ..
ah okay po thank you sa reply...
watching the video you posted now, sana matuto kaagad ako... will update kung may hindi pa ako naiintindihan :D
nice .. ou nga .. madali lang naman matutunan yan ee .. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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