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Extremely disappointed in Anajet/Ricoh DTG printer

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Buying an Anajet MP10i was the worst and most expensive mistake I ever made in screen printing. I am only writing this to hopefully save someone else from making the same expensive mistake.

First, I paid nearly $45,000 for this machine when counting finance charges. The ink is extremely expensive. The machine requires a very high level of meticulous and time consuming care each and every day. It is super finicky and tempermental. We would come in in the morning, then often spend a hour working on getting just one full test print to print correctly. What would often happen is there would be banding in one of the colors, so you have to keep doing test prints and cleanings until it prints correctly. Once you do that you can run jobs. But even if you don't have a job for the Anajet/Ricoh that day, you still have to do this full color test each day or else your print heads clog. The ink is very expensive and running these tests and unclogging the heads each day eats up tons and tons of ink. So they will quote you a cost per shirt, but it doesn't include all the ink you wasted trying to get it to print correctly.

This happened to us after leaving the machine over a weekend. We came back to a clogged head and nothing we could do would make the machine print correctly. We tried again and again to fix it but couldn;t get the head clear after many hours and a ton of ink and cleaning solution. We then tried to get in contact with Customer service but only got passed around, being told "we'll get back to you" or when we did get and answer, "you need this $500 part". Often we would get no return call or email. We got one person to say we needed a $500 circuit board, which we replaced, yet it still didn't fix the problem. Another person said we needed to replace the lines, which were on back order for 8 weeks and cost $300. We replaced hoses and bladders...that still didn't fix the problem. All the while our machine sat useless. Anajet/Ricoh's next solution was to have us pay another $2500 and the hundreds of dollars in freight back and forth to California to have the lemon of a machine refurbished. I refuse to lose even more for this piece of crap machine, as I have already lost $45,000

Long story a bit shorter, I literally have had the machine for 2 1/2 years and it has only worked 6 months of that time. It has sat broken, or waiting on parts for 2 years. I have tried and tried to get Anajet/Ricoh to rectify the situation over the years to no avail. Even getting a straight answer out of them is difficult.

I recently talked with Adam Tripe, the National Sales Director about the on-going issue and he said, "I'll have my team look at it and we will get back to you." Three weeks went by and I followed up. His response was, "I'll have my team look into it and get back to you" This is so typical of their customer service at every level.

There are much much much better companies selling DTG's than this one. Please do yourself a favor and do not buy this machine.
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Just wanted to +1

The company I work for owns an Anajet. It's a Pandora's Box. The only thing impressive about it are the amount of nightmares that come from it.
Just wanted to +1

The company I work for owns an Anajet. It's a Pandora's Box. The only thing impressive about it are the amount of nightmares that come from it.
Hello there, I work for Anajet and wanted to reach out to you. I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with the machine and encourage you to contact Technical Support for assistance. I'd like to post our contact information but worry that it's in violation of forum rules. As per forum guidelines, I'm not trying to sell or promote anything, just sincerely hope we can help you out.
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