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Hey y'all! I've got an 20" by 24" exposure unit (28x26)
with compression lid, air compressor included!!!!

Im not sure how old the model is, but its got an auto timer (not digital, but still auto), its not aluminum as far as i can tell (too heavy) and it has unfiltered uv bulbs in it..
The only thing that is wrong with it is a slight tear in the compression lid.. (which IS bandaged up by a nickle sized green sticker.) ive used it, it vacuum seals.. and some spots where the paint is scraped off..uhmm..

Any one interested in buying it (at a bargain price..)?
I have to spend money on a new flash dryer today, and the exposure unit is the only piece of equipment i can really let go of, to help soften the financial blow of the flash dryer..

If you are interested, message me your best offer, i should have pics up soonish, It would ship out of Alabama, i think im willing to split shipping costs, hows that suit yah? And let me know if you don't need the air compressor, cause it'll be even cheaper then! I am up for a trade, but money wins.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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