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Exposure unit - advice needed

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Hey Everyone,

I'm going straigt to the topic...I need some help with buying a new exposure lamp.

We are currently using this emulsion: http://www.fotec.ch/wp-content/uploads/ ... 019_en.pdf, and expose our screens to an old UV lamp, that I can't give much specs about.

The problem is that, due to moving we can no longer use this old 3-phase lamp, and we will have to switch to a mono-phase exposure unit.

So the question is: will the above mentioned emulsion stiffen to the light emitted by this device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3Wyrva0bSk?

I know it is not a conventional type of lamp, but I'm curios if it would work? I read that modern emulsions should stiffen well enough even when exposed to LED light.

Any help or suggestion would be welcome!

Thanks, in advance,

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