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exposure unit 1000w metal halide or 400w?

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hey guys im new here im from hawaii having a hard time chooseing between 400w or 1000w metal halide? are they both pretty much the same but u get shorter burn time with the 1000? also the distance from bulb to glass people say it should be 1.5 times the diagnol of your biggest screen im using 20x24 so the distance was like 49 or close to that that seems far away what would be the distance for a 1000w and a 400w? thanks
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hey guys im new here im from hawaii having a hard time...
Wait. The notion of being from Hawaii and having a hard time with ANYTHING doesn't go together in my head!

LOL! You probably get that alot :D.

Anyway my suggestion would be the higher output if it's affordable and practical. Essentially you want facility to get the fastest exposure possible because what ever source you use, the longer the exposure, the increased likelihood of undercutting.

And research different types of emulsions and how to calculate optimum times.

Definitely get a unit whichever you decide.

But you should at some point try Sun ;)
Good read.

And check this article, particularly Doug Gibson. He's on Maui.

Andy MacDougall on Exposure

And I will tell you I occasionally hear folk mention having found suggestions of 20 MINUTE Sun exposure. I really think that was a missprint that just got circulated. I can't imagine any emulsion requiring that long in the direct Sun which is pure UV. And for that reason care should be taken to avoid unintended exposure. Doesn't take much!
If you can afford it, I'd stick with the 1K--I read a thread a while back where someone was complaining that they wished they'd gotten the thousand watt instead of the four hundred.

Or, get the vac frame and integrator/cell setup. That's a great article. (Andymac rocks)
i actually use to use sun when i first started i put screen in vacume bag and got great results with diazo in 45 sec.
I built my own exposure and used the 1000w bulb, works great, exposes a screen in 40 seconds.
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