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Exposure Unit - 1 bulb or 2 ?

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Hello there... (im a newbie on here - first post :) I am UK based and wanting to purchase an exposure unit. Just wondering if anyone has any advice regarding the use of 1 bulb or 2?
does 2 bulbs create a shadow from the positive? then again ive also heard 2 bulbs are better for a more distributed light... but on another sellers site it suggests the light from the two bulbs would overlap therefore 1 bulb is best ?!?! any advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated... many thanks in advance.
..oh and also does anyone know of a good uk supplier of flash cure unit or a supplier that will ship to uk?
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A bit confused regarding the question...are you building or buying an exposure unit? You stated in your post that you are buying an exposure unit but if that is true then you will not have this issue as they are not professionally made the way you are describing.

If you are building the unit then yes that is correct two bulbs will cast a shadow and it is best to go with one 500w halogen if you are building that type of setup or at least 6 flourescent / shop lights if you are building that setup.

If you are buying a unit then they come they way they come and are ready to use out of the box so no worries.

Hope this answer your question. Good luck!

Single point light source.
Thank - you!!

No im not building one myself i will be buying one. I have seen two on ebay uk. one has 2 bulbs and the other just the one, the two bulb one looks better quality and costs about £92 and the one with 1 bulb costs just £52... so i presumed 2 would be better ???
i am willing to spend around £100 for a good quality one if anyone knows any good suppliers? many thanks, really appreciated!!
Good quality exposure units cost at least hundreds, or more usually thousands of dollars. For a hundred quid you can definitely get something that will expose screens (which is what counts most) - but I wouldn't get too caught up in quality, because it won't be.
I am just screen printing from home to start with so i'm thinking £100 tops!! not willing to spend that amount on the proffessional ones. I did use them ones at uni so i can understand the costs, think i of the best value i will go for the single bulb though as advised
many thanks.
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