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exposure times?

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I've just started out in screen printing and I exposed my illustration for 35mins about 40 inches from the light...but I'm getting a fuzzy edge effect...any tips?
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there are many things that go into exposing screens......ask yourself a few questions first.

1. how dark are your films?
2. do you have positive contact of the film to the screen?


I'm sorry..but I'm new to screen printing..so don't really understand your reply.

I coated the screen on each side with emulsion and the exposed the screen for 35 mins.

1. how dark are your films? I don't know :(...just one coat of emulsion on each side.
2. do you have positive contact of the film to the screen? Yes..I had the acetate stuck onto the screen and a pain of glass over the top...is that what you mean?


35 minutes??? With what a flashlight? Move the thing way closer to your light. 35 minutes is just plain too long to try and get a defined image. What kind of light are you using?
Most Exposure times for screen printing should be between 1 and 10 minutes. 35 minutes is really long. You either need faster emulsion or brighter light unless you are just guessing. Call your local distributor you buy your emulsion from and ask them to send you an exposure calculator. Its a film positive you expose onto your screens that will indicate if your exposure is too long or too short. Good Luck.
Thank you David..I will contact them :)
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