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Exposure Calculator (Ryonet) Question

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Hey all, after much research and help from board members I made some changes to my DIY exposure unit. I removed the glass from the bulbs, but added glass to the top to help with registration by creating a tighter seal between the screen and the film positive.

I also purchased an exposure calculator from Ryonet. I just tested it out with an exposure time of 15 minutes, and the attached picture shows what I got.

The goal is to have 7 solid steps, and by what I can see, I'd say I have 6 solid steps? Or am I reading it backwards?

The exposure correction table that came with the calculator says to increase step guide by 1 step, multiple the original exposure time by 1.4, to increase by 2 steps, multiply by 2.0, etc.

Would you say I should multiply by 1.4?
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For some reason the iPhone app won't let me upload the picture lol... Picture will be added ASAP.

I found Ryonet's video showing the calculator, and I'm just a little confused by the wording I guess. What he says on the video is worded differently than what the directions say, but when he shows a good one, it looks almost exactly like mine...

That's about a 4, solid steps means you can't see the number of the step at all, I can make out the 5 and 6 easy from your pic
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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