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This may seem like a really stupid question, but here goes!! I am new to emulsion, I had bought a halogen light to expose my screen, but now I'm worried it won't be strong enough. Can I still expose the screen outside in the middle of the winter? We are averaging at 14-38 degrees here in TN, and I don't know enough about all this to know whether or not that will expose my screen. I'm using the diazo emulsion (I think that's what it's called, it has the main bottle and then a smaller bottle of sensitizer with it that I have to mix together)

I've googled this and I'm not having much luck getting a definite answer. I've finally overcome the hurdle of making my images clear using vinyl on the underside of my screen as a stencil, but for me that really isn't effective simply because after every 2-3 images I'm having to rinse out the screen and it's destroying my vinyl. If I have to weed one more image, I'll probably die tbh. Please help me amazing shirt makers!!! Take pity :(

Edit: I know temperature doesn't expose the screen, I'm just trying to give an idea of weather conditions.
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