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exporting from CS to Cut Studio

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Hi everyone. Could some one please help me. I am tring to export graphics from CS to Cut Studio to cut in vinyl. I can get the entire image to export but i want just the lines so i can cut. i think i need to be using a quick mask but i am not sure. Can someone please help me i am :confused:
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I'm not familiar with Cut Studio, but I am familiar with Photoshop. What kind of graphic are you trying to export? Is it just text? You say you just want the lines so you can cut. Do you need a outlined path? Can you link a picture of the image? With a little more information, I can try to help you.
Cut studio is the software that comes with the roland cam 1 servo cutter. It has an illustrator plug in to export from illustrator to cut studio. I am tring to export images say for example a dodge ram logo. I want just the lines to be exported so I can cut them with my cutter to place on a shirt. I think i do need to create a path but i am not sure on how to do that.
Sorry, but cut studio is a peice of junk. It came with my NEW GX-24 which I hate. Machine does things that is not needed to cut vinyl. Never know what it is going to do when the cut button is pressed. Throw Cut Studio in the trash and go with Corel draw, always remember to reduce outlines of graphics to .001, Good luck !
thanks taurusndixie, but all i have now is cut studio. can you help me turn images into vectors so i can cut them. i am using illustrator cs
Have any extra dough? Like $395 possibly...
or better yet.... try SignCut


If all you want to do is cut then this will work fine. Try the limited version.
From what I gather, they're offering a 3yr support thing for $50. Contact Kjell on this. Kjell & Per are very good people
Here: http://www.sc-x2.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=89&Itemid=1

List of Plotters Roland supported

OK cool.... :D
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GH44, you will need another program for sure to turn bitmaps into vectors.
I draw everything in Corel which needs no converting as it is already vectors.
Corel comes with a tracing program built in that turns bitmaps to lines. Then you save it on hard drive and reopen it into CorelDraw program. However it is not
100 percent perfect and will still need some cleanup work. Once you have it the main page of Corel Draw, make the page size the same as the vinyl size of the machine, place your image within the page and hit cut.

I hear there may be better tracing programs out there, I don't know.

CutStudio is the software that comes with the Roland series of cutters. It's a bare bones type software. It supports bmp, eps,jpg and has plug-ins for Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.

I think you need to use the import feature to bring in a .ai file - from what i recall it will show the cut lines and image behind it.

Move the image of the cut lines to the side and then click anywhere in the actual image ( a small menu will show up ) click on " cut " to remove the image portion only.

If you are bringing a bmp or jpg file into Cutstudio - right click on the image and select Trace outline command ( i think there is an option to view just cut lines without the image ).

Hope this helps you out.


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