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expired ink

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My SeriesOne S1100PM Poly Max White was produced in 2006. The spec sheets says use within one year. What will happen if I use expired ink?
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Complete a Test print and a cure the ink. You can wash test too. Generally inks will last much longer then a year if they are stored correctly. Inks tend to thicken with age and it may be harder to print.

Really sorry to hijack the thread, but I'm also having a bit of a problem with expired (or soon to be expired) inks. I have a whole bottle of unused waterbased ink that will expire next month (shelf life 6 months). What's the best way to store it to make sure it lasts a little longer?
The expiration date is there by law for the seller of the ink if they are using ISO specs. They are restricted from selling the product after that date. You can use it until it is gone as long as you store it properly. Keep the lids on tightly when not in use. Don't store them in a hot room. waterbased inks will last longer in the refigerator, so will emulsions. You are trying to avoid water evaporation is all you are doing. Plastisols will still be liquid in the can long after you and I are six feet under. Clean plastisol off your skin immediately and please dont use a solvent which drives the inks chemicals into your skin and bloodstream. Use a citrus hand cleaner then wash up with soap and warm water afterwards. Be safe and have fun printing.
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Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I use cheapy plastic disposable gloves from the Dollar Tree stores.100 gloves for 1 dollar. 1 cent each and you keep the ink off your hands.Not solvent resistant but works great with plastisol.Most screen printing suppliers charge 4 or 5 dollars for the same thing. I buy a case at a time.
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