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Expert vs Puma - technical side of things? Used only for specific job on a single-type of material.

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Hey there!
I've been using Jaguar IV for about a year and I am pretty happy with it. What I use it for are very small stencils, cut on a thin foil - 3 mil, soft removable adhesive material - and not much else.
The specifics are the size of the forms cut into the material. They are often small, curvy and difficult to explain. Imagine die-cast cars with their letters and insignia. Pretty much that size. Maybe 1:43 scale will give you a good idea.
I am far away from home now and I need a replacement machine which I will be able to use for /still/ uncertain period. It might be couple of months, it might be a year or more.
I thought that Puma IV will do great. Servo motor, 24" in size and as long as I know, pretty much the same as the Jaguar /in my case/.
The other option is the Expert, which is half the price, however with Stepper motor.
What I would like to get advise with is the work of the both machines compared.
I am based in pretty quite environment and I don't want to interfere with my next-door fellas. I have no idea how exactly the stepper motor performs and will I get the same results while cutting through the material that I mentioned above.
From what I've read through different specifications, it seems that both of the GCCs will work fine for me. I won't cut any other material, the most important thing is that the blade moves up and down a lot and I work on the slowest speed possible for higher accuracy. Probably the sole difference between the Puma and the Expert will be the stepper motor on the cheaper one, thus shorter lifetime of the machine. Of course the price too. But still I would like to explore the subject deeper.
I would gladly welcome any suggestions and comments concerning the technical side of the two machines mentioned. Most likely I am missing something and I would love to learn more.
Your help will be highly appreciated.
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Both my GCC expert 24 II lx and both of my ar-24 will cut a thin material with a fine decal. Speed Setting "5" Pressure setting 45-65gms . (In VLCS or GreatCut)

I am sure the puma is of higher quality but those 2 machines are great replacements.

They are not as loud as lets say : US CUTTER , Vinyl Express, Vinyl Systems , Etc those Chinese cutters that all look the same. Those are loud.

I run 4 machines simultaneously and you can barley hear them in the next room with the door closed.

If you do purchase one please provide comparison between that and the puma.

Good Luck!
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Hey there and thank you for your reply!
I started researching for AR-24 as well.
My experience is with 3 or 6 speed setting for the Jaguar. I believe that means cm per second.
The force is set between 20 and 30. I have no idea what is the measurement.
I am guessing that if the AR-24 can cut with similar precision, it will be able to cope with the projects, but that is only a guess. We cut a lot of circles, letters and so on.
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