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Expert 24 & Illustrator

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I just received my new Expert 24 from Pro World. I can't get it to work!

It must be something with my downloading it. I would like to print directly from illustrator. Any tips?

How do plug-ins work? How do I know which one to download?


New and Frustrated already! lol
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Looks like they include a couple programs with it. Great Cut and direct Cut.

I think one is for PC and one for Mac.

This page tells you where to find your voucher code and has a link to youtube installation instructions.
Vinyl Cutter FAQ - Pro World

Once you install it the should be a extension that works with Illustrator.

You can download it here.

GCC LaserPro Laser Engraver, Vinyl Cutter and Printer
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I have a Mac

Direct cut works as a plugin straight from illustrator. Last time it was version 5 or earlier (since 6 went 64 bit).

Download it, move the folder into the illustrator folder it tells you to, then open illi and you'll get the direct cut options appear in your file menu
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If you are using the Greatcuts software that comes with it. You drag and drop your vector graphics from illustrator directly to Great Cuts.
Thanks everyone! I called and they got it working!
Who got it working? Pro World or GCC?
Did they remotely logged in? I am in the same situation but using PC, and can't get the cutter to do contour cut.
The expert cannot contour cut. The expert does not have an optical eye. However the Expert LX has an optical eye. Did you mean the expert LX?
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